“I build high end custom homes in Dallas, and Armando has designed a number of “high performance” houses for me under various programs, including LEED and the DOE ZERH program. His designs have all turned out beautifully, with great curb appeal, great interior layout and amazing energy performance. We’ve consistently earned incredible HERS scores (in the mid 40’s) and the homeowners are always telling me how much they love these houses. One of our recent houses won a national competition (2017 Housing Innovation Award) – and I was told by one of the judges that my house stood out among the other “green builder” competitors because everything about it was designed “exactly right.” Armando was a builder, so he understands how to design houses with the budget in mind and he’s very helpful if problems arise. If I were building my own house, Armando would be my first choice to design it.”

M. Thornhill, Builder, Dallas, TX


“Working with Armando Cobo on our Zero Energy Ready Home was a pleasure and very rewarding.  Armando is very accommodating in his approach to meeting client needs while keeping the project within his high energy efficiency standards of construction and build quality specifications.  Our home design included photovoltaic cell and electric vehicle ready wiring that facilitated adding a 9.7KW roof mounted Solar PV system that provides about 60% of our electricity that includes running a high powered home theater system and swimming pool.  Armando is also a very competent designer across multiple architectural styles.  We looked at one of his more traditional designs before working with him to design our very contemporary home and his ability to work in the contemporary space as well as his consistent execution of high efficiency features was very impressive.  We would highly recommend Armando to anyone looking to designing a new high efficiency home, whether you have an idea of the plan you desire or would rather rely on Armando to guide the process.”

D. Duwe, Homeowner, Dallas, TX


My husband and I have had the great pleasure of working with Armando Cobo to design/build for our company, Davis Signature Homes, for the past 6 years. He has also worked directly and seamlessly with our clients to design their dream homes. He has great knowledge of many different designs as well as incorporating the mechanical functions of the home better than anyone we have ever worked with in the past. He has great attention to the details of many components/materials to bring together not only a beautiful looking home but a highly efficient and healthy home. His designs always meet but mainly exceed current building codes. All home designs by Armando are designed to be Solar and or Solar ready for the future. He offers so much more than just a set of house plans!

T. Davis, Builder, Dallas, TX


“After interviewing six Designers and Architects and referred to by two Builders, we chose Armando Cobo to design our zero energy home. Armando has an extensive resume in high-performing houses, and is very knowledgeable and passionate about his designs. We were very impressed by his organization, attention to detail and professionalism. A side bonus to his designs is that Armando coordinates his designs with several Engineers, trained our subs and visited the jobsite on the regular bases. Our General Contractor said he’d never had an Architect visit a site. We have a gorgeous, comfortable and efficient home and we could not be more delighted with the end result.”

M. Rizo, Homeowner, Austin, TX


“With great pleasure we recommend Armando Cobo as a Residential Designer. Armando is an exceptional designer who is very passionate and extremely knowledgeable about his work. Our house showcased his brilliant design and creativity of zero energy homes, and he exceeded our highest expectations. We believe Armando is the epitome of excellence in his field, and God has given him an incredible talent!.”

R. Christiansen, Homeowner, OKC, OK


I worked with Armando to design my first custom home and could not be more pleased with it.  The process was very collaborative, and I appreciated Armando’s ability to listen and provide sound advice based on his extensive experience. He strikes the balance between thoughtful, creative design and the homeowner’s vision perfectly.

S. Millis, Homeowner, Fredericksburg, TX


We met Armando years before we ever decided to build our house and knew that he would be the designer of our home.  He was very patient during our design process and took all the time necessary to get our plans exactly how we wanted them.  His knowledge of Green Building is top notch.  Our home is by far the most energy efficient home in our neighborhood of 400+ homes.  He not only does the design, but also works with the Builder and Subs to make sure everything is constructed as planned.  We have been extremely happy with our home and would definitely use Armando again.

K. Cavender, Homeowner, Prosper, TX


We’ve lived in our home designed by Armando Cobo since August 2014, and have had many compliments on the design and layout of the house.  That’s a point of pride, but the best feature is a matter of savings.   With the “green” features Armando has designed into the home, we save a considerable amount on our gas and electric bills without sacrificing a cozy, comfortable home…a home with brains and beauty!

C. Sieber, Homeowner, Dallas, TX


“Designer, Armando Cobo, produced an energy efficient architectural design for our new home. We found him to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate about green building. Armando strives to produce a very efficient and comfortable finished product. Armando was able to interpret our vision and ideas into his architectural design for our home. We are so pleased with our home and appreciate the energy savings we are experiencing due to Armando’s design. Armando Cobo has earned our highest recommendation.”

L. McEntire, Homeowner, Gunter, TX


“Armando designed a Casita for my mother in Artesia, NM. This has been a great concept for her as she was downsizing and did not need a lot of extra space but enough space to not feel cramped. Armando accomplished this in his design. I also worked with Mr. Cobo in Albuquerque for approximately 15 years when the company I worked for hired him to do all of our custom home designs. I would highly recommend Mr. Cobo.”

T. Lee, Homeowner, Artesia, NM


“Armando was referred to us by another builder/designer. He got the floor plan very close the first time which shows how well he listens to his clients. He was very easy to work with and professional throughout. Changes were not a problem when we asked for small tweaks and he takes you thru the process in an organized, logical process. I would definitely recommend Armando Cobo, Designer.”

B. Hantzopoulos, Albuquerque, NM


“Three years ago, I hired Armando to design my dream house. We never met until after the building was finished; I simply gave him a rough floor plan and he quickly transformed it into a beautiful and graceful home. He was able to satisfy all of the local building codes as well as a difficult HOA, and construction took place without a hitch. The house is fully ADA compliant and easily attained the highest “Build Green” classification. I cannot recommend Armando too highly. He is simply the best!”

S. Rice, Homeowner, Albuquerque, NM


“We were referred to Armando by several mutual acquaintances. He had ideas for our home in our first meeting that really impressed us, and so we hired him as our designer. Armando was great to work with, we never had any problems, and he was patient, and understanding, and listened to our needs. We ended up with a home that exceeded our expectations.”

J. DiLorenzo, Homeowner, Albuquerque, NM


“As the exclusive designer of our residential developments, Armando Cobo brings a wealth of knowledge, insight and perspective that is unmatched by others in his field.”

P. Strosnider, Builder & Developer, Albuquerque, NM


“We were also impressed with Armando’s talent for coming up with ideas and suggestions, which we had not thought of, and for his patience and commitment in the process. Part of our decision to have Armando design our house was because of his experience and knowledge in the energy-efficient “Building America” concept.”

P. Amato, Homeowner, Albuquerque, NM


“An astutely creative designer, Armando has consistently delivered award-winning designs invaluable in helping our business succeed. His building plans have always been accurate, functional, timely, and complete. He is instrumental in helping us educate our clients concerning the benefits of having their homes built using the latest building science techniques.”

DC Durano, Builder, Albuquerque, NM


“When we hired Armando to design our home we had no idea what a blessing he would be. He was creative, professional and most pleasant to work with. His prior experience as a builder helped us tremendously as he was knowledgeable regarding the cost of our ideas and wants during the designing process. I must say the most impressive element of Armando’s work is the “magnificent views” we have from our home. He listened to our wants and miraculously designed a beautiful place our hearts call home!

L. Romero, Homeowner, Albuquerque, NM


”We wanted a house that would showcase our lot views to the golf course, aesthetically pleasing and timeless… a generation from now will view our house as beautiful and captivating as today. Armando is a master of design and we could not be more delighted”

T. McIntosh, Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ


“We are so proud of our new home. Armando exceeded our wildest expectations with his creativity and imagination. The advantages of the Building America home are too many to describe, but the most noticeable is that my allergies are completely gone. Thank you for giving my health back to me.”

R. Thompson, Homeowners, Orange County, CA


“As a builder, I have retained Armando Cobo’s services exclusively. He has a keen eye for design and his past experience as a builder has helped him foresee potential design flaws, which could become problematic in the field.”

S. Spensley, Builder, Albuquerque, NM


“Armando Cobo designed my wonderful home. He was great to work with and a good listener. He is a true professional, I highly recommend him…”

S. Hale, Builder, Albuquerque, NM


“Not only was Armando the designer of our home, but he was also our builder. We expressed our wants and needs with Armando and he delivered everything we wanted with a little extra. He went above and beyond our expectations when doing both. I would highly recommend Armando to anyone who is in need of an architect.”

R. Mulvaney, Homeowner, Wichita, KS