Armando Cobo is a sustainable, green building and zero energy home designer with experience in traditional and contemporary residential architecture of many styles, thus developing a great knowledge of the field techniques as well as the aesthetic perception of design. Our Universal Design criteria are incorporated in each home design.


Our design process starts with an initial meeting with the Owner to collect all existing information about the proposed house such as floor plans, brochures and ideas that the Owner already has.

  • Review the house requirements including size, number and type of Rooms, style, and number of stories, basement and garage requirements. The designer may utilize a Design Worksheet to guide the Owner in defining house requirements and to determine materials and quality level to be included in the house.
  • Establish a target budget for the complete project, including land cost, house cost, and financing and soft costs, if needed.
  • Review the Owners’ building lot, including a field visit if possible and required, to determine the initial feasibility of constructing the house on the lot.
  • If the Owner owns no lot, the Designer may assist the Owner in screening potential lots.
  • Establish a timetable for completion of each design step and determine information to be provided by the Owner during these steps.


The purposes of the Design Development to produce a sketch plan that includes all floor plans and front elevation or other elevations, to develop a preliminary site plan and to complete a Design Worksheet if needed.

  • Sketch Plan – The sketch plan will be a drawing of the basement, first and second floor plans and front elevation. The floor plans will show room sizes and locations, exterior windows and doors, closet, stair/hallway circulation patterns, kitchen and bathroom layout. The front elevation or other elevations will show roof style, exterior siding material and window style. The sketch plan is presented in 1/8” or 1/4” scale.
  • Site Plan – The preliminary site plan analysis will include determination of basement, walkout or view-out feasibility, solar orientation, garage and driveway location, zoning and other setback requirements, analysis of covenants restrictions, availability of public utilities and privacy considerations. The Owner shall supply information on record plat, topography and covenants.
  • Following the initial review, the Designer will continue to work with the Owner to ensure the design of your home is what you had in mind for your perfect house.


Upon Owner’s approval of the conceptual design, the Designer shall produce the following items during the following step:

  • Site plan, roof plan and general plan information notes.
  • Foundation plan, notes and details.
  • Drawings for basement, first and second floor plans, which are fully dimensioned.
  • All elevations are fully dimensioned and noted.
  • Details and sections necessary for construction. Interior details are optional.
  • Electrical plan includes service location, lighting layout and switch and plug layout.
  • Plumbing and mechanical layouts shall be limited only to location of water heaters, water softener, HVAC compressors, furnace or boiler, pump tanks, etc. and may be included in the basement or floor plans
  • Full set of Plan Specifications to provide a more complete information of all materials, systems and homeowner’s selections. These Specifications will make the bidding process more accurate, and aid better planning.


  • Armando Cobo, Designer, develops all House Plans and Specifications for its sole use.
  • Armando Cobo, Designer copyrights all House Plans. Designer hereby grants the purchaser of these plans a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to build the home depicted in this plan and is given the right to reproduce this plan only as required for such construction. No re-use fee is required if the original purchaser builds this home more than once.

Permission is also given to make modifications to this plan, but no permission is given to claim copyright on the original or any derivative works of this plan. No other rights are granted and any further distribution is strictly prohibited.